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Atlanta Gynecology Q&A: Get the facts

Atlanta Gynecology Q&A: Get the facts

Gynecology focuses on the health of women

Gynecology is an often mis understood medical specialty, both in Atlanta, GA and across the United States. Though most people know these professionals focus on the health of women, many aren’t sure what it is exactly these providers do. Below, we unpack a little bit of the mystery surrounding gynecology and all it entails.

Q. What exactly is gynecology?

A. Gynecology is commonly defined as a medical specialty that focuses on the health of women’s reproductive organs. This can entail many services, but all are geared to keep women healthy.

Q. What kinds of services do gynecologists provide?

A. A gynecologist can be involved in many aspects of women’s care, providing many services. Most commonly, women visit their gynecologist every year for a well woman screening. This procedure is a yearly checkup in which women are screened for overall health and women specific illness like breast cancer and pelvic cancer.

Gynecology can also entail other screenings like STD and STI testing for women who have been exposed as well as treatment if these tests come back positive. These physicians also provide birth control management, family planning services, administer immunizations, and more.

Q. Is there anything a gynecologist can’t do?

A. Yes. Gynecology focuses on women’s health, but these specialists do not provide care to women who are expecting. For this, they would refer their patients to an obstetrician or OBGYN.

Q. When should I make an appointment?

A. Gynecology visits are personal, and many women aren’t sure when exactly they should make an appointment. In addition to your yearly wellness visit, you should also contact your doctor if you experience any pain, changes in your menstrual cycle, or have any concerns such as being exposed to an STD or STI.

Q. Can a gynecology specialist perform surgery?

A. Yes. Gynecology entails both in office visits, in office procedures, and surgical procedures. Many can perform things like biopsies in the office as well as do procedures like hysterectomies.

Gynecology in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women know the importance of regular visits to their women’s health physician. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a gynecology appointment, or if you have a concern, contact the team at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology today. Our staff has served the Atlanta area for over 30 years and enjoys creating long lasting relationships with our patients, which helps us better serve them. To learn more about our team of physicians, or to make an appointment, contact our office today.

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