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What kind of care does a Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA provide?

Women’s OBGYNs are trained in two specialties

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA are doctors that focus on women’s health: throughout every stage of life. These physicians specialize in two specialties, gynecology and obstetrics. Gynecology focuses on the health of women’s reproductive organs while obstetricians provide care during pregnancy. A women’s OBGYN can do both.

OBGYNs provide a wide variety of care

There are many reasons to go to a women’s OBGYN. As a teenager and young adult, all the way to your older years, you would see one for your annual wellness checkup. You would also make an appointment if you had any concerns or changes with your body.

You may also turn to your women’s OBGYN for fertility counseling. Starting a family is a big, exciting event. But, when you and your partner struggle to getting pregnant, it can make what should be an exciting event very stressful. Your women’s OBGYN can perform testing and discuss your fertility options with you and help you through this trying time.

You will also see your OBGYN throughout your pregnancy or pregnancies. Regular appointments help ensure you and the baby are healthy. When it comes time to deliver, your women’s OBGYN will be there too. Whether you have a vaginal or caesarean birth, your OBGYN can perform it, giving you peace of mind and a familiar face.

Older women may also visit their OBGYN

Some women think once they reach a certain age they no longer need the services of a women’s OBGYN. However, your doctor can help you in your later years as well. For example, most women’s OBGYNs can provide care during menopause. If hormone therapy will benefit you during this time, your OBGYN will administer and oversee it.

Women should also see their women’s OBGYN for annual mammograms through age 74. If you are at high risk or have a family history of breast cancer, you and your physician may decide to have testing done past this age.

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women’s OBGYN provide care to residents throughout life’s many changes. And it’s important you entrust this special care to the right doctor. Consider making an appointment with a team member at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology for your OBGYN needs. Our staff performs a variety of services from office appointments, in office procedures, and even surgical procedures to keep you healthy. Having served the Atlanta, GA area for over 30 years, we take great pride in providing quality care to our patients. Contact our office today to learn more about our team or to schedule your first appointment.

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